Rich Piana on post cycle therapy! What to do after a steroid cycle


A lot of people use steroids in order to gain strength and also big muscles; Some of them are pro bodybuilders and others are just wannabes who don’t practice this sport as a job but both categories must know things about a good post cycle therapy.


what to do after a steroid cycle


For this, Ric Drasin invited Rich Piana to talk about post cycle therapy, now don’t be a hater and if you’re genuinely interested then hit the play button to the next youtube video.

It seems that Rich Piana and Ric Drasin are using growth hormone or HGH but they also use it to recover faster from all sorts of injuries and medical interventions and it works but there are guys who stay on steroids all year around are doing a bad thing because a drug is a drug and certain breaks are good. Why? Well there’s this thing called body resistance to drugs and in time if you’re constantly on steroids, then your body will not respond to them anymore.

Example: If you’re taking testosterone and deca durabolin for 3 months it will work only for the first six weeks, after that it’s not going to work anymore because your body has built up resistance.

The best choice if you want to continue with steroids is to switch to other two compounds but eventually you’ll damage your body and organs! A lot of guys who go off steroids will have a psychological problem, they’ll think that they’re losing muscle, losing strength and therefore they do because their mind is telling them that. It’s difficult to keep a positive mind set when your sex drive suddenly drops but a high dose of HCG is beneficial.

What you should do when you’re off steroids? People think that a bodybuilder body is constantly pumped with steroids but they’re wrong!

A lot of people make a mistake when taking HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone which increases sperm count in men) after a steroid cycle; Some guys use that 10.000 units bottle a whole post cycle therapy (one month) while Rich Piana uses that bottle in two shots or 4 days! You need a lot of HCG to actually stop the steroid side effects and restore your sex drive.

A drug body with just big bloat will always spook people off because when they’ll be off steroids they can get from 300 lbs. to 160 in a matter of weeks!

For more info check out the video!

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