Spice up your workout after watching IFBB Men’s Physique pro Sadik Hadzovic training!


full blast on bodybuilding motivationBev Francis’s Powerhouse Gym from New York, the place where future Mr. Olympia’s are born is the gym where today’s next motivational video with IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Sadik Hadzovic was filmed.

Sadik Hadzovik, the guy with a big nose 😀 , also has some really big muscles and it’s kind of hard to get there, only through a hardcore workout and diet you’ll get to look like him and compete in the Mr. Olympia’s Men’s Physique contest!

With an extremely small tank top, a bottle of water and a lot of heavy weights, Sadik Hadzovic plunges into his workout like an animal and soon he gets that awesome pump accompanied by a lot of sweat which emphasizes the level of shreddedness and low body fat which he has.

After Sadik Hadzovic’s measly 4th place at the Mr. Olympia I’m not sure if this bodybuilding / fitness competition is still like in the old times when pure aesthetics won, now it only feels like a game of politics and maintaining different reigns of big supplement companies bla bla etc.!

Anyway even if you can get the chance to walk on the Mr. Olympia stage, that’s a great accomplishment but now just take a look at this great youtube video with Sadik Hadzovic training, he’s a beast and you can see the focus in his eyes, the determination and man oh man what a perfect physique!

That man has reached the perfect balance between a fitness body and a bodybuilder body;  Sadik is simply the master of military presses, squats, tricep dips at the parallel bar and at those dumbbell rows which build up his huge back muscles!

If you’re also curious about the song from this cool inspirational video, it’s called Midnight City from a french band, M83.

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