Top 4 bodybuilding motivational videos you must see before hitting the gym!


inspiring motivational speakerYes, that’s right, this is a motivational article for everyone who wants to keep their workouts fresh and intense like the first day when they discovered the gym and the benefits of having big muscles.

We all know that the mind plays a great role in achieving bodybuilding success, but sometimes you just don’t feel up for hardcore training sessions as it happens to all of us:

If you come to do your workout and feel that you are not completely focused and you lack the necessary drive to lift weights like a pro bodybuilder because you didn’t get enough sleep, you’ve had a hard day at work or other issues which keep you from doing what you came to do, then you really must see what’s next in this article!

For the above reasons I’ve made a list with my favorite bodybuilding motivational videos that will inspire you to hit the gym – and give you the willpower to achieve your bodybuilding dreams so it’s now or never, go hard or go home!

These videos are made by a great motivational speaker who goes by the name of Zhasni! In the first video I’m touched by Jason Huh’s pure happiness accompanied with tears (yes he was crying) after winning the NPC USA championship.

If you ask me, these are the best inspirational videos, videos which show the real beauty of bodybuilding!

As in one of the top 4 motivational videos for bodybuilding motivation:

There are really just two types of people: Those who say I can’t and those who say… I CAN! Reach your limits, explore them and exceed them!

So, this is what bodybuilders go through and what it takes to be a champ! I really hope that these inspiring videos will help your mind “get pumped” for your workout; If you have another motivational video you can share it in the comments section, thanks!

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2 Responses to “Top 4 bodybuilding motivational videos you must see before hitting the gym!”

  • Dewey says:

    You’ve nailed it with me when it comes to gym motivation. After watching yhese inspirational videos, I’ll go to the gym cause it’s legs day :d

  • Lt Sanders says:

    I’ve bookmarked your site dude, it’s super interesting and I love bodybuilding

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