AC/DC – For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)


So it’s time for those great songs for workout which you probably enjoy listening to and today you’ll listen to AC/DC’s “For those about to rock” and ohh yess you will rock! After the warming up and those first sets, you’ll be pumped up and ready for a hardcore training session!

Build your big muscles with classic rock, I’ve heard that they last more 😀 . Aren’t you in the mood for some weightlifting right now?

I’m so intrigued about this song, its lyrics fit so well in the moments before an intense workout .. check it out for yourself:

Hey man, don’t forget about the food, overtraining doesn’t exist but under-eating will destroy your muscle gains. Try to keep the perfect balance between your workout and diet and everything will be ok!

If you’re bored of chicken then try to extent your chef skills by being able to cook it in 49 different ways so that you can forget about that taste :D.

At least buy yourself a new jug of protein powder man.. it’ll help a lot! 3 meals a day + 1 protein shake and you’re ready to build that “fitness” physique.. for a bodybuilder one, you need a whole lot of food! Thanks for reading and enjoy your new song for your workout music collection 😀

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