Best footwear for going to the gym! BTW stop using sneakers – Here’s why


best gym footwearEverybody thinks that they know how to weightlift properly but there are some really small things which make a difference in every muscle gaining journey and that’s why today I’m going to tell you, with the help of Nick Wright, about the sneakers at the gym issue!

As you can see from the next youtube video at the beginning, some guys really know this small secret about what shoes to wear at the gym and universally, a pair of worn out Converse or Chuck Taylors does the trick when you need big muscles or you can also try some wrestling shoes because they’re completely flat to the ground like the Chucks!

It sounds like a commercial but these Chuck Taylor Converses are great for deadlifting and other heavy lifting moves (and fashiony too)

Running shoes and basketball shoes have one thing in common; They both have an inch of a heel on them and this heel is soft and cushiony, it’s designed to take the blows when you’re running but this heel doesn’t go along with weightlifting because it will make your heels wobbly and when you’re lifting you need to drive from exactly those heels for a good center of gravity and maximum power, if it’s a squishy surface, the tension goes away and you can also injure yourself because you’ll have a tendency to lean forward rather than on your back

Ohh and yeah Nick, the guys who comment on your video are right, please put a shirt on you, you’re not that big bro and you’re overadvertising your NWB brand. Anyway guys, you choose the advices which suite you and just go get that bodybuilder body but remember that you can’t accomplish anything without a workout and diet!

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