Must watch videos with hilarious but dangerous things which gym newbies do – How NOT to perform gym exercises at various machines!


must watch videos with gym newbiesWe all know that there are numerous videos on various websites such as Youtube showing us how to properly perform particular bodybuilding exercises and they have proven to be one of the best resources for the gym newbies who want to start a new way of life.

But even so, there are a lot of people who are going to the gym and despite an easy access to materials which show them how to do exercises, they weightlift with terrible form – That leads to nasty injuries bro!

Today you’ll get to see a few of the funny videos with guys who don’t have a clue on how to use a gym machine: Do you even lift bro?

Lat Machine Expert Instructions coming from a weird dude with long hair

I really thing that this guy wanted to get some attention and he got it even if he didn’t have big muscles! He was walking around the gym.. but with the lat pulldown machine!

The video is called Expert Instructional Video and this makes it even more funny to me. I guess that this is a gym parody directed to those self-proclaimed experts who make terrible instructional videos.

Idiot doing back snaps

Reverse deadlifts could be one invented exercise for what the above guy does. Anyway, say goodbye to your spine! If you see someone doing the same stupid exercise that can destroy your back, please don’t try to ask him about it, just remember.. “one should never make eye contact with a crazy person”!! 😀

The (Not So) Perfect Squat – How to enjoy a visit to snap city!

The f$*ck was in this guy’s head? What he did over there scared the shit out of me and it hurt me from only watching.. I’d suggest him to get a spotter next time when he’s planning to go heavy with his squats. He had a guy right there but I guess he was too busy filming.

Medicine Ball Idiot Hits Himself In The Face

Do you like being hit in the face with a medicine ball by someone else? I guess not.. but what if I told you that you can do it yourself while training? Here we have two experts showing us a highly advanced technique of medicine ball throwing.

Do not attempt doing this exercise if your jaw isn’t strong enough to withstand the hit. Perfect execution!

Some of these youtube videos are made just for fun and you shouldn’t take them too seriously; Others are just videos of people at the gym who are unaware of their bad form and go on until they snap a part of their body :D.

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