“Scientific” test – if you drink a beer and do some push ups you’ll get instant muscles! Screaming fact


scare everybody after drinking a beer and doing push upsIf you’re a man then you probably know which beer suits you the most but let me tell you a muscle building secret, if you drink a Bud Light, it seems that you can transform into hulk after doing some push ups so this is how to get big muscles instantly. Don’t worry this is only a funny ad !

Wanna impress a chick from a party? How would it be to just drink a beer, get down on the floor screaming and after doing 10 push ups, to transform yourself into a pumped up hulk? 😀 Wicked cool, that’s how it would be!

Everyone just dreams about getting big over night but now it seems that it’s possible in a matter of seconds if you’re willing to drink a beer according to this Bud Light funny commercial.

Your friends will be shocked of your instant muscle transformation and if you keep screaming they will eventually be afraid as well 😀 .

Now everybody scream with me during the funny video from youtube!!! Funny sh$%t bro, too bad the chick goes away ’cause the screaming wouldn’t stop ohh and because the guy probably had a shirt that was about to rip; No, it’s a different kind of “being ripped” situation here or maybe you get the real one as well, haha.

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