Shocking video! What can go wrong when girls deadlift on high heels?


deadlift epic fail Today you’ll be shocked to see how dangerous weightlifting can be if you don’t respect its basic principles. It seems that some girls who clearly are obsessed with becoming famous on social media sites, did just that!

The girls tried to impress people with their improved deadlifting technique by doing deadlifts on heels, yes, they were wearing a dress and high heel shoes in order to emphasize in a feminist way the fact that girls can lift too..

The first gal did ok when attempting to do those “new kind” of deadlifts but the second one just wanted to hog all the attention with her big muscles and huge strength so she finally got to a 100 kg barbell; That’s when she created the perfect example of how to not deadlift on heels if you would’ve ever thought of doing such a stupidity.

It should’ve been a viral post on Facebook but her cocky move went from a thumbs up video to an absolute epic fail, on heels of course!

And according to Murphy’s Law:

If anything can go wrong it sometimes can and possibly will especially when a girl deadlifts while wearing high heels!

The thing is that from the first few seconds of the video I knew that something bad is bound to happen to one of those girls but still bro, that girl can ohhh sorry COULD lift ’cause now she won’t be lifting weights like she used to.

This really is a good way of understanding that even if you’re a strong girl or guy, you still need some brain power and by looking at that video she might hurt her ankle and one knee because it had an instant bruise due to the impact.

Anyway, stupid acting demands painful punishment 🙂

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