The funniest bodybuilding stage posing peformances! Thumbs up or down?


funny posing routinesBodybuilders spend a good deal of time perfecting their posing routines because that’s a very important aspect in big bodybuilding competitions and it’s always interesting to see what the pros have come up with ( if you remember from Pumping Iron, Arnold Schwarzenegger even took ballet classes to improve his awesome posing routine);

Some guys go for the more ordinary stage performances that are usually not something people will talk about but are harder to screw up while others try to bring something new and fresh on the stage, just to make people have a good time, laugh and admire those big muscles.

The thing is that it’s not enough to have a bodybuilder body with carved muscles in order to win a bodybuilding contest.. you must also come up with a cool/ awesome posing routine that’ll show every detail of your muscle fibers and that’ll also be artistic or at least funny!

Here are some of the coolest and funniest stage posings performed by bodybuilders over the years:

Vadim Skornyakov – the bodybuilder with a kid’s mind

Makes me laugh every time, a huge guy dancing to a ‘childish’ song. I think he injured himself a bit at the end of this performance but the video maker decided to cut that. He’s a huge bodybuilder but with that funny posing routine he could entertain 7 year old kids at birthday parties :D; As someone said:

He looks like a super ripped dad dancing for his kids

King Kamali – the robot bodybuilder posing routine

There have been many robot dance performances in the past and I’ve decided to include this one from King Kamali. Let me know in the comments if you find a better example of robot dance posing routine.

Melvin Anthony – The Ciara poplock routine

He managed to make the crowd go wild and that’s a good thing which matters and makes the difference between a winner and a loser.

I hope you had fun watching these amusing videos with the best bodybuilding posing routines!

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