Top 7 Dumbbell Exercises for EXPLOSIVE Results!


top dumbbell exercises for explosive resultsYou’ve been working long and hard to get that perfect pair of bulging arms with big muscles. A great deal of time has been invested in your physical health and you’ve performed various exercises that are known for building that bodybuilder body which you want; But, you still aren’t seeing the desired muscle gaining results!

Luckily, the Muscle blog is here for you. I’ve got a great lineup of excellent and effective dumbbell exercises that are bound to buff up your body and give you the sculpted look that you’re going for.

So, the following exercises are mainly centered on the use of dumbbells, as they enhance your body strength and muscle tone. Read on my friend and use these top 7 explosive dumbbell exercises to give you the look you deserve:

      • 1.Renegade Row– This exercise is probably one of the toughest and most strenuous that you’ll encounter on this list. It’s designed to target your biceps, forearms, and rear deltoids. By performing this exercise, you’ll be using your core and abdominal muscles for stability and strength. Not only will this exercise provide arm strength, but it will also wreak havoc on your abdominal muscles. The havoc is for the better though because once your muscles are healed from the intense workout, you’ll find them to be much more sculpted than before.To perform this exercise, grasp two dumbbells while in full and extended pushup position. Tighten your core pull the dumbbell upwards so that your elbow is above your torso, then after about a moment, slowly bring the dumbbell back down until you are in the original pushup position. Try to keep your body as stable and straight as possible as you perform 15 reps per arm.
      • 2.Lateral Raise– If you’re looking for an exercise that’ll truly grow bigger arm muscles, muscles that’ll look spectacular, then try the lateral raise. This exercise targets your lateral deltoids, which are your upper arms. It’s also an isolated exercise, so you’ll be standing in a stagnant position the entire time. For safety, slightly bend your knees and grasp the dumbbells as your arms hang to your sides. The dumbbells should be adjacent to your upper thighs.This exercise is pretty simple to perform.

        Once you are in position, slowly raise both of your arms at your sides until your elbows are at the height of your shoulder. Then, lower and repeat. Keep in mind that you should use both your arms during this exercise, as it will build you a better upper body and upper arm strength.

      • 3.Push Press– This one is a total body exercise. Every step will use a certain part of your body, building strength and muscles. Like the lateral raise, it is also an isolated exercise that requires balance and focus.To perform the Push Press, begin with setting a dumbbell between your legs as they stand a few feet apart. Straddle the dumbbell, grasping it with one of your hands, while the other arm is parallel to your thigh. Begin to use your body strength to push your body up, using the weight of the dumbbell.

        Once you are in upright position, your feet should be extended, with only your toes touching the ground. Then, stand up completely straight with the dumbbell resting above your shoulder. Next, raise the dumbbell so that it will end up being extended above your head and make sure that you are gripping it firmly. Slowly lower the dumbbell and repeat.

      • 4.Skullcrusher– Alright, I’m guessing that this exercise is called “skullcrusher” because one individual wasn’t being careful and he ended up with a crushed skull :D. This exercise requires both a dumbbell and a comfortable bench.It’s performed to build massive triceps.Once you are lying with your back flat on a bench, with your legs on either side, you can begin this exercise. A single dumbbell or two dumbbells can be used.

        After you’ve gotten into position, you can extend the dumbbell above your chest until your arms are almost fully straight. Then, slowly and carefully lower the dumbbell toward your forehead if using one dumbbell, or to the sides of your forehead if there are two dumbbells involved. After this final position just repeat.

      • 5.Stationary Lunge– While most of these exercises are for your arms, the stationary lunge will target your calf muscles, glutes, and quads so you’ll get big leg muscles too. This exercise requires two dumbbells, so pick a pair that you’ll be able to handle in terms of weight. Also, it is a stationary position so balance and focus is required.

        Once you have secured two dumbbells, stand with your knees slightly bent with the dumbbells resting at your sides. Move your knees apart so that one foot is forward and the other foot is behind. Then, lower your body as if you are lunging. At lunge position, the weights should be near your back upper thigh. Repeat this exercise for each leg (you can try a walk lunge too)

      • 6.Toe Raise– Another explosive dumbbell exercise which is also an extremely simple one but highly effective at shaping your calves. Again, it is another stationary exercise, and it does take some balance to perform.For this exercise, stand up straight with the dumbbells positioned at your sides.

        Once you are in stationary position, grip the dumbbells and begin to raise your body up using your body strength until you are essentially using your toes to support you. Once you reach this position, slowly lower your body back down after about 10 seconds. This exercise should be done in 10 reps.

      • 7.Front Raises– You’ve hit the final exercise, the last from the 7 dumbbell exercises that’ll give you explosive results in the gym. Like the other exercises, the front raises are excellent for strengthening your shoulder muscles and upper arms. It’s an isolated exercise that uses one arm at once. For the best results, make sure to do the same number of reps per arm.

        In order to perform this exercise, grasp two dumbbells of equal weight in front of your thighs. Your arms should be extended, but slightly bent at the elbow. Next, raise one arm until it is extended forward from your chest. Then, slowly lower your arm back down and repeat the same exercise on the other arm. You’ll know that you are doing this exercise correctly because you should feel a satisfying burn on your shoulders. In addition, this exercise will also strengthen your core muscles, as extending your arms with a dumbbell requires a great deal of stability and core strength.

These are the best 7 dumbbell exercises that’ll give you that edge in building muscles but they range from beginner to advanced levels. To increase the difficulty for each range, all you need to do is use a heavier weight. Because these exercises can be taxing on your body, we highly recommend that you include stretching into your workout routine!

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