Top Tips on How to Use Proper Etiquette at the Gym


It is always surprising how many new gym users and veteran gym users alike do not know basic gym etiquette.

Most of the rules are common sense, but many people don’t even dream about doing such things unless they’re forced by gym owners and that’s why some gyms have their own gym etiquette list just like this one which you should obey; It’ll help you not being looked at like a gym redneck.

what to do and what not while working out

This next funny video will show you exactly some typical gym guys who go at a gym and don’t even bother to respect the next person who’s around them or the gym machines:

  • the noob
  • the meathead
  • the coach
  • the face guy (every facial expression known to man will be shown by him in an entire training session)
  • the show-off guy

Next time you head to the gym, make sure you follow these rules for proper gym etiquette:

What to do Before Working Out

  • Keep Your Bag in the Locker Room

A bag left on the gym floor does nothing but annoy people who have to walk around it. You should not need things from your bag while you are working out. If you are worried about your bag’s security, leave all valuables at home and buy a padlock to lock your bag in a gym locker. If you need something while working out, you can always take a quick break to go retrieve it.

  • Leave Food and Drink in the Locker Room

While water is okay on the gym floor, other foods and beverages are not. Sugary sports drinks can be spilled and make the machines sticky. If you want to keep food in the locker room for a quick pick-me-up after working out, that is fine but just make sure they are sealed well cause they can invite pests.

  • Keep Your Children at Home

The gym is no place for small kids. Not only is it unsafe for them to be around gym equipment, but children running around can easily distract other gym members who are trying to work out and the whole exercise can go to hell when you’re trying to avoid hitting a kid when bench pressing. If your gym has a childcare room, use it. Otherwise, try to go at a time when you have someone else to take care of your kids for you.

  • Stay Home if You are Sick

While your commitment is admirable, save the gym for days when you are healthy. People come to the gym to get healthier, and no one will appreciate you spreading your germs around; Plus, when you are sick, you really should be at home resting anyway (big muscles always grow better when you’re resting).

respect others in the gym

What to do While Working Out

  • Don’t Loiter on the Machines

While it is fine to rest for a minute in between sets, do not sit on machines you are not using for any longer than you need to. Not only does sitting not help you get into shape, but it prevents other people from using the gym equipment you are using as a chair. If you really need to sit down for a while, choose the gym floor or the locker room bench.

  • Keep the Noise Down

Noise can be very distracting to people trying to work out in peace. If you listen to music while working out, use your god damn headphones and keep the volume low enough so others cannot hear it. Do not grunt excessively while lifting weights or call out to people across the gym.

  • Stay Off the Phone

Additionally, stay off your cell phone while you are working out. While most people will be understanding of an emergency situation (such as an ER visit or a babysitter crisis), other people do not want to listen while you rattle on and on about your day. Save the conversations for after your workout, you know the saying: GO HARD OR GO HOME!

  • Give Others Their Space

Most people go to the gym to get in shape, not to make friends. While it is great to be friendly and say hello, make an effort to give others their space. Do not choose the treadmill right next to someone else when there are ten others open. Do not stand too close while waiting your turn on the machine. Do not strike up a conversation with others who look like they are trying to concentrate on their own workouts, it’s common sense!

What to do After Working Out

  • Wipe Down the Machines When You are Done

If it’s necessary, do it cause no one wants to sit on a machine covered by someone else’s sweat. Whether you sweated all over the place or you just glistened slightly, make sure you take a minute to wipe down the machines with a towel and machine sanitizer, if available.

  • Put the Equipment Back From Where You Found It

It is very frustrating to go for a certain dumbbell or a Z bar and not be able to find it anywhere because someone did not put it away when they were done. It is fine to move something so you can use it. It is not fine to leave things scattered around the gym!

  • Alert the Staff about Gym Issues

This is another good rule for proper gym etiquette. Why? Because you can save someone’s arms, legs or etc. when you’re telling the staff about that torn cable or almost broken dumbbell. Alert the staff about gym issues!

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One Response to “Top Tips on How to Use Proper Etiquette at the Gym”

  • Mikey Moore says:

    I really love it when guys like these walk into a gym, they’re like muscle gods but only for themselves, it’s quite funny

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