Demayo – controversial bodybuilding legend giving leg training tips


Legs! Yes, legs are important too and usually, big leg muscles give you that fierce manly look which makes the girls go insane for you :). Did I get your attention?

The controversial bodybuilder, Paul Demayo, had the best quads that people ever saw and he was called “Quadzilla”! It was a waste of talent and hard work when he died from a heroin overdose but anyway, you can grow some huge leg muscles with some of the tips which he had to give when he was “on top of the bodybuilding world”!

how to get big quads


Paul Demayo on training legs, yup these are his “leg workout” secrets:


  • Stretching is crucial – that’s the only way you can unravel and undo the kinks that would crimp your legs and keep you from having the best leg training session.
  • Keep it simple – Demayo didn’t use various training methods for his big leg muscles, according to him, you just have to learn the perfect squat motion that won’t focus on your glutes and back muscles! Keep the burn inside the quads.
  • Classic training works! That’s why it’s a classic – Well he’s right, keeping the reps between 8-12 is the best thing you can do for big leg muscles
  • Do it every week! – Training your legs must be a weekly thing but I’d also suggest that you should focus more on the calves if you’re a skinny guy! Combine high number of reps with heavy weights and low reps to make your calves explode!


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