Furious Pete and Dana Linn Bailey training together! What the f&%ck did I just watch?


First of all, before watching this weird but entertaining youtube video with a hardcore strength training from Furious Pete and his special guest, Dana Linn Bailey, you must know that Furious Pete is really angry and a lot of screaming and testosterone is going towards Dana, the beautiful fitness model :D.

dana linn bailey vs furious pete training together

What’s this video all about? Well you’ll get the chance to see Furious Pete and Dana Linn Bailey doing some resistance training together and in the end of the video, an arm wrestling showdown between them will show who’s the boss! Will a girl beat Furious Pete at a simple arm wrestle match?

The best way in which you can have fun while working out is to get a fitness model like Dana Linn Bailey to train with you by starting with one fun cardio exercise which involves the next steps:

  • running up the stairs and stopping at the middle
  • doing a set of jumping jacks
  • finishing the run on the stairs
  • doing a set of push ups and then going down the escalators and having another go with the same exercise

It’s nice to see how weightlifters can have fun training together and that’s the way you can also motivate yourself to give the best you can, to gain more strength and be better than your training partner, yup that’s a friendly way of having a bodybuilding competition.

Now when it comes to the ultimate test of strength between Dana Linn Bailey and Furious Pete, the arm wrestling match sure did show who the winner is; Wanna take a guess? Or maybe you should watch the next funny gym video with them:

I really am curious about how Rob Bailey (Dana’s husband) felt about this flirty video 😀

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