How To Get Big Shoulders Like Gabe Moen! Here’s His Workout Routine


gabe moen's shoulder workout routineThere are a lot of guys who have narrow shoulders and they sometimes tend to feel less imposing than other men who go at the gym. This is a problem especially for those hard gainers out there but if you stick to a good workout and diet, you will always make good muscle gains!

Tired of being the guy with narrow shoulders? You can try Gabe Moen’s workout for big shoulder muscles! It isn’t a secret but you might have missed something on the path which rewards you with big muscles and a bodybuilder body!

First of all, before his workout routine, Gabe Moen takes his pre workout supplement and some carbs from a gainer supplement (but of course, we all know that those aren’t the only things which he uses, steroids anyone?) and that’s a good habit for any gym newbie that needs to grow muscles fast!

Now let’s get to Gabe’s shoulder workout:


  • smith machine shoulder press but it’s with a catch! He does supersets!
  • seated front raises
  • supersets while doing lateral dumbbell raises
  • machine back flyes

There are 2 more shoulder exercises but you have to watch the next video with Moen sweating and going at those weights!

Don’t forget to take your post workout meal or supplement and you can go to whatever else you do in your free time or your job!

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