Let me introduce you to a real life Hulk thanks to CT Fletcher! His sheer strength helps with his 500 lbs. bench press


CT Fletcher is a powerlifting legend and he knows how to promote his strength and awesomely developed physique with big muscles through youtube, the best social media for those who want to get famous! The cool thing about CT Fletcher is that he doesn’t just talk the talk.. he can certainly walk the walk as well! Where do you think that those huge triceps of him grow? On trees? No man, he keeps his workout and diet rockin’!

ct fletcher and hulk one on one

One of his newest youtube videos is about an upcoming social media celebrity simply known as a real life Hulk! He’s got bowling balls instead of triceps for God’s sake!

CT Fletcher is a big bodybuilder but this gym Hulk can warm up with all the weights from the triceps pushdown machine; Mr. Fletcher isn’t doing so bad himself!

This is literally a full of adrenaline training video with muscle mass freaks who lift so heavy that if you would try doing it for yourself, you would get an instant hernia!


If you don’t believe me just watch this insane clip and when CT Fletcher starts yelling “Hulk.. SMASH!”, you should take a look at what amount of weight he has on that barbell! What you’ve got there, at one point, sir is about 485 lbs of iron;

Of course that besides those huge amounts of calories to fuel that “diesel engine” you also need steroids. It’s impossible to get that amount of muscles mass without using gear, you can see evidence of Hulk using steroids from his rage and gynecomastia (bitch tits)!

But who cares dude, as CT Fletcher says with almost tears in his eyes because he once was the same as Hulk:

He’s the strongest motherfu#$er on planet Earth!

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