Machine Gun Kelly – Wild Boy (Official) ft. Waka Flocka Flame


Need some new songs for workout? Are you a wild boy in the gym? Well I guess that the answer is yes because you are all about big muscles and hardcore weightlifting!

Machine Gun Kelly is the guy who, along with Waka Flocka Flame, gives you today’s workout music and this workout song is called “Wild Boy”.

Yeah, these guys don’t look like gym meatheads, they rather go by the drug addict look but don’t worry, you train to their music, not to their way of being. Remember that rest is crucial after that perfectly thought of workout and diet!

When he says that he wants to be called Steve-O I can’t stop wondering if he’s referring to Jackass’s Steve-O but anyway, you’re here to get a bodybuilder body and find some proper gym motivation while enjoying the rest of the day off after an intense workout which will give you the most epic of muscle soreness.

This music video made me want to get a tattoo or even more cause you know, muscles look better with some great tats :D. Anyway, go hit the gym hard and keep going with being constantly motivated while listening to great workout music, you’ll see bodybuilding progress in a few months; Patience is the key !

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