Motivational video by Arnold Schwarzenegger: Are you willing to fail?


gym motivational videoArnold Schwarzenegger will talk a little about what it takes to be a bodybuilding champion and you must listen carefully ’cause this is a great motivation source for those who lack of it in this period!

As he says, when you are a competitive athlete you can find out that there are others who have the same muscle proportions like you, the same strength and stage posing but that’s where you have to distance yourself with something different: Your mind! Your way of thinking and acting, your desire to go further, beyond your limits!

Big muscles aren’t enough to win a bodybuilding competition you must know that you will be a champion:

You got to get up and say, I’m want to be a champion and I’d do whatever it takes, the posing, the this, the that, the visualization, the looking at bodybuilding footage, reading motivational books, whatever it takes, I WOULD DO!

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can detect right away those who are going to be shaky and that will fall behind or those who are very hungry, but hungry for success!

The body is very important to build that muscle mass on it but the mind those all the job believe it or not, you have to visualize how your body will look like because that is how you create your will to go to the gym everyday and go harder and harder through your sets!

The most important thing when you’re on the path of bodybuilding success you must be aware of the fact that failure might appear along the way but that’s what makes the difference between a guy who knows that he can lift 500 pounds and a guy who will never make progress, he is not willing to fail!

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One Response to “Motivational video by Arnold Schwarzenegger: Are you willing to fail?”

  • Thick Brawn says:

    Arnold had always known how to motivate someone and that’s why his marketing skills made him famous along with his awesome body with hard muscles, truly inspirational!

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