6 interesting facts you didn’t know about pro IFBB bodybuilder Eugene Mishin!


Well if you’re as big as Eugene Mishin (6’2″ height) and also have big muscles, then you won’t need anything if you’re looking for some kind of success in the bodybuilding or tv world as you can see from this other article Funny Ads With Bodybuilder Evgeny Mishin For Applegate Farms! Mooo.

interesting facts about bodybuilder evgeny mishin

But do you know how Eugene Mishin went from a nobody to today’s pro IFBB bodybuilder? Well here are 6 facts which’ll show you that bodybuilding is quite a great full time job if you enjoy it!


  1. He is a self taught english speaker! – When he first moved from Russia to New York, Eugene Mishin spent a lot of his time in the local gym and in crowded places where he would listen to people talk; Of course that he got help from TV and movies as well.
  2. Eugene Mishin wasn’t always decided to be a professional competing bodybuilder!– He was competing in various international bodybuilding contests but he wasn’t too determined; When the bodybuilding federation of russia suggested that he should get his pro card, Evgeny Mishin was something like: Ok, but what’s that?After they explained to him that he could compete in the Mr. Olympia contest with an IFBB pro card, he was happy to apply for it because that’s how he would get some help with his green card.
  3. In Russia, Eugene Mishin was actually a full time male stripper! How’s that for a fact?– He would go in clubs and dance for the ladies along with a friend of his but he didn’t get tips like in USA, he would only get paid by the club owner.
  4. Eugene Mishin hates fast food!– He doesn’t like junk food and he eats healthy even in the off season. Eugene also likes to cook in order to relieve stress.
  5. He didn’t practice any kind of sport in his childhood until he discovered weightlifting– When Russia was still a communist country, only professional athletes could go to train at a gym so, Eugene Mishin went to his first training session in 1990 after communism fell; That was his birthday gift and he loved it!
  6. When he was 19 years old he could squat and deadlift 700 lbs!– Eugene Mishin did some powerlifting for a while but he didn’t like it so much so he proceeded to carving his bodybuilder body.


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