Chevelle – Take Out the Gunman


Chevelle – Take Out the Gunman

It’s time to train your best body parts with today’s awesome workout music from Chevelle! Take Out The Gunman has great rhythm and it can be one of those good songs for workout.

Why am I constantly publishing articles with workout songs you ask? Well, I do it because sometimes you get bored of the old ones to which you already listened a thousand times.

If you’re a Chevelle fan, you should know that the band members manage their own facebook page and they genuinely answer and talk with their fans!

This song from the new Chevelle album is reanimating rock music and oh man I can barely wait to take it in the gym 😀

Check out today’s strange gym tip to protect your neck:

Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you do crunches because this will help align your head properly; That reduces neck strain and gives you a better ab workout for six pack abs

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