Funny Flex / Sex and the city parody with bodybuilders and bodybuilding first world problems


Everybody knows the filled of gossip tv series “Sex and the City” which was a hit when it came to showing those independent girls from New York how to act and how they could spice their sex life and etc. It was so good that Sarah Jessica Parker also signed a contract for a Sex and the City movie and the tickets sold out like hot cakes!

Today, I’ll show you the same show but with a twist:

This short youtube video is a Sex and the City spoof which has in its main cast female bodybuilders as protagonists and their bodybuilding like first world problems; You’ll laugh!



sarah jessica parker parody

So, if you’re into bodybuilding or just into weightlifting and want to get some laughs, you should really watch this hilarious remake for Sex and the City called “Flex and the City”

The main idea is that bodybuilder women do date and they can get boyfriends too but in this episode, the guy loves a big bush and that’s against any self conscious bodybuilder’s code who has to be hairless all the time and show off his or her big muscles!

The problem with our female bodybuilder, was the fact that she just discovered a GREY HAIR! That’s when all hell breaks loose in a woman’s life and so, Eugene Mishin, yeah he’s the boyfriend, had to make do with what he had after she shaved it all off :D.

I like it how they found a good looking replacement for Sarah Jessica Parker that’s now portrayed by Colette Nelson and the other female bodybuilder’s name is Lena Squarciafico and she’s Eugene Mishin’s real life wife.

Without any more comments, here’s the Sex and the City satire:

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