Get bigger traps now! What to do and how!


It seems that Chris Jones tries to sound and act like CT Fletcher and I understand the guy; He just wants to steal a little of CT Fletcher’s bodybuilder charm and use it to gain more attention and popularity on social media networks while promoting his workout and diet to those who want to gain some muscle mass.

using lifting straps

The truth is that Chris does have a nice bodybuilder body and today’s top tips for muscle gaining are for those who want to get bigger traps ! You’d think that having big trap muscles is not that noticeable such as pecs, triceps or whatever but you’re wrong!

The secret little thing which makes a difference between a guy with small traps and one with carved and bulky ones is the lifting strap! Yeah bro, weightlifting straps or versa gripps are the best possible help when you need to go heavy with your workouts that require a lot of grip strength!

Here is a simple but effective workout, the exact way of how to get big traps:

  • upright rows– 4 sets with 6-9 reps
  • classic barbell shrugs– 4 sets with 6-9 reps
  • dumbbell shrugs (they focus on other parts of the traps because of their position)- 4 sets with 6-9 reps

Going back to the lifting straps for better trapezius muscle results, it seems that they do work! Like Chris says, forget about the chalk on hands and barehanded unwritten lifting rule, use those weightlifting straps if you want to go beyond your forearm strength because in a lot of trap workouts, your forearms are weaker than your traps and you will stop before feeling that burning sensation in your traps!

Investing some cash in these straps can be the answer for better and more intense workouts! Give them a try, you won’t be a sissy if you wear lifting straps !

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