Getting shredded muscles by eating ice cream! Check out Matt Ogus’s short instructional “how to eat to stay ripped” video


how to get rippedMatt Ogus is a natty bodybuilder with big muscles and a great shredded physique and you know what? He got to that point where he can still eat ice cream and also keep his great bodybuilder body with low body fat and you’ll see that in the next youtube video, along with the things which he eats!

People usually think that Ogus will mention food like brown rice, tilapia and broccoli, but he’s just into macros.

He keeps himself ripped and you know what? Matt Ogus’s secret isn’t focused around the diet plan too much, he eats foods like:

  • granola bars
  • he tries to test all the ice cream from the market
  • berries and fruits for fiber and low amount of carbs
  • liquid egg whites
  • pace picante sauce for his tuna salsa rice recipe
  • rice
  • pop tarts! Incredible but instead of almonds, Matt Ogus goes for some good old pop tarts
  • Fiber One cereals
  • honeycrisp apples (taste great, they’re hard and don’t get softy)
  • spinach (Matt even throws spinach in his shakes)
  • bananas
  • tuna
  • greek yogurt with 0% fat

Matt Ogus only focuses on getting a lot of fats in his food because he needs 70 grams of fat per day (he gets fats from almonds and pig foods).

That shopping trip on which Matt went to, made him pay 80 bucks! So, here are 80 bucks mostly for fiber, carbs and fats (without the tuna cans and egg whites, they’re mostly a protein source).

Remember Ogus’s top tip for a great diet plan:

Eat a wide variety of foods and don’t limit yourself to eating every 2 hours on the dot, you can eat when you want and how you want, you just have to understand macronutrients and your caloric intake, when you want to gain muscles you go above it and when you want to lose fat, you go below it!

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