Shocking live biceps tendon tear video! Deadlift gone wrong on an unlucky powerlifter


powerlifter injures himselfGym dudes and dudettes, today you’ll have the chance to see a live filmed biceps tendon tear and man oh man, you’ll cringe at the simple sight of that nasty injury!

First of all, what’s a biceps tendon tear? Well, this bodybuilding related injury is quite easy to explain:

Tendons attach muscles to your bones. Your biceps tendons attach the biceps muscle to bones in the shoulder and in the elbow.

If you tear the biceps tendon at the elbow like in this youtube video with the powerlifter who ended up with a biceps tendon tear after doing a deadlift, the entire muscle is detached from the bone and pulled toward the shoulder, just like in the shocking video; To heal such an injury you will need surgery!

This powerlifter really is one of the unluckiest guys from the powerlifting / bodybuilding / weightlifting world!! Why? Well here’s a fact you need to know about a biceps tendon tear:

Rupture of the biceps tendon at the elbow is unusual. It occurs in only one to two people per 100,000 each year

See what I mean?

By the looks of this video, the powerlifter didn’t even notice what happened while he was lifting that loaded barbell; His later reaction was almost funny but still, the sight wasn’t so pretty!

It seems that his big muscles are a little bit stronger than his tendons.. what do you think guys? Is he using steroids? Usually, a competitive powerlifter does use gear but if this is what happens when you do use, then maybe you should go all natural and that’s that!

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