Short and intense 12 reps with bulky 125 lbs dumbbells at the bench press!


125 lbs dumbbells workoutHi there bodybuilding world, after a somewhat long absence around here, I came back with a short but intense article if you know what I mean and you will after you’ll see this next youtube video with someone doing dumbbell bench presses with the 125 pound dumbbells X 2= 250 lbs or 60 kg X 2= 120 kg!

This hardcore gym guy didn’t even need a spotter as he thrusted away with doing 12 reps! This means that the 125 lbs dumbbells weren’t his max! He could easily lift the 200 lbs ones!

If you don’t believe me then just watch the next gym video with this not that big guy going on pumping iron with massive dumbbells!

By the looks of it, he could easily do 2 more reps and that’s when you feel the max burn in your muscles, the burn that’ll give you that nasty muscle soreness and big muscles! Who doesn’t want chunky muscles? I know I do!

This guy is almost close to max out with his body weight on each hand! 😀

If you want to be this guy and lift some proper weights for a change, then you must keep a good workout and diet and sleep god dammit! Whenever you have the chance, go and take a nap! It will boost your workouts, starting with your legs and ending with those perky traps!

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