5 top tips – What not to do in the gym when it comes to chicks!


what not to do at the gym when you like a girlHi guys, I know we are males and we like women but when you go to a gym, you’re not going over there to pick up girls! Yes, you will notice beautiful gals in the gym but you should not try to approach them if they don’t even look at you!

They’re there to train and get in shape, not to be bombarded with cheesy pick up lines; Here are some top tips about what you shouldn’t do around girls in the gym:

  1. Dude, if you train your back and shoulder muscles, don’t go, all of a sudden, near the girl that you like, to start training the same body parts as she does, it’s just not cool
  2. Don’t stare at girls in the gym, especially when you’re doing your exercises, you will really creep them out!
  3. Don’t ask a girl for a spot and most definitely don’t overdo with the weights if you already asked, just to impress her; She’s going to break her back if she helps you with that 270 pound barbell at the bench press, or even weirder, you may end up having 110 pounds more lying on you!
  4. Don’t be a stalker! If you’re ending your workout in the same time as her just to follow her in the parking lot and etc., you’ll be considered a freak!
  5. Please listen to me, don’t go next to a girl that’s on a treadmill! If she’s also listening to music and using headphones, then you’ll be the lamest guy from the gym, and if she hears your flirts “hey, how’s it going?” or “you’re pretty fast”, believe me that she won’t stop doing her workout for you.


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