A sincere opinion about steroids vs. natural training coming from Rich Piana


how to train when you're on steroids or all naturalAs I’ve already told you guys, Rich Piana seems to be a truthful bodybuilder and he has a lot of youtube videos in which he talks about diet plans, how to make money being a bodybuilder and sometimes, about steroids too!

Today, you’ll see Rich Piana’s honest opinion about using steroids, why does he use steroids and what’s the difference between natty bodybuilders and those who are on roids!

In my experience, training while taking a cycle of steroids enables you to train harder, longer and the pumps which you get in the gym are unbelievable and when I’m not on a steroid cycle, what I miss the most are those hardcore pumps!

According to Rich Piana, there are 2 ways to get big muscles and getting that body to grow isn’t that easy:


  • on a pump – getting blood into the muscle, the muscle contracting, pumping those nutrients faster into it
  • tearing the muscle down – it has to rebuild itself back up with the help of rest and food

Of course that here, you can see the benefits of using steroids, they will help rebuild the muscle faster and they help with a greater pump, a harcore burn that goes beyond your normal limits and etc.

When you’re using steroids, the best training method is to use higher reps and going for the pump rather than actually training heavy! Being natural, you’re going to get better muscle results when you’re lifting heavy, getting stronger, tearing the muscles down and then giving them food / proper rest!

It’s your choice!

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