Incredible top 10 tips to stop eating too much!


incredible tricks to stop eating so muchA lot of people have eating problems and that’s why, in most of the cases, you get fat! If you want some good diet tips, you should watch this youtube video with 10 incredible ways to stop overeating, thus stopping gaining unwanted weight.

The thing is that you will not have weight issues if you keep going to the gym and lift some heavy ass weights. Of course that if you combine some intense workouts with cardio and even some fighting lessons, you’ll get the best physique with a low body fat even if you eat a lot!

If you’re into sports, you’ll definitely burn calories and you get calories from eating so you can do the math, but, if you’re just a couch potato, you can follow these 10 diet tips to cheat your way into a healthier way of eating!

  1. Eat from smaller plates ’cause the portion will seem bigger than on a larger one
  2. Use your non dominant hand when eating snacks, you’ll end up eating with 20% less
  3. Drink from tall thin glasses because the short wide glasses produce an illusion which makes you think that they hold the same amount of liquid
  4. Place a mirror in front of you when you’re eating, it will make you more self conscious
  5. Chewing gum can help
  6. Eat slowly and chew your food a lot more than usual; You’ll automatically eat less than usual
  7. Use red plates and bowls (some researches show that people tend to avoid this colour)
  8. Turn off your TV when eating ’cause you eat more!
  9. Take a photo of your unhealthy food and look at it, it seems that looking at such photos will help you cut down on junk food
  10. Avoid different varieties of food because you will be tempted to eat from each one, put the same amount, but cut down on variety

Hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 ways to reduce your food intake!

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