Rich Piana – What he really eats!


real dietAs you’ve seen in most of my articles, I put a lot of emphasis on a good workout and diet; Yes, today, I’ll just go a bit through the diet part.

Every pro bodybuilder who gives nutrition tips in youtube videos and etc., does it with his main supplement sponsors in mind and forgets to tell you about his steroid intake but Rich Piana tells everything as it is, including the fact that he uses Synthol and takes steroids!

Yeah so, our big Rich Piana just wants to tell us the truth, he’s already rich and he doesn’t need money from anyone (here’s Rich Piana’s true source of money or income); That’s a good thing because he can’t be bought that easily and we can know what’s really happening in the bodybuilding world.


Rich Piana says that his favorite part of the day, except his training, is when he eats! He’s also saying the normal stuff which you constantly hear, you gotta eat more to get big.

How do you get big, I eat 5 times a day!? Is it working? No? Well, eat more, 6-7-8-9, if you got to eat 12 times a day because you have a fast metabolism, then do it!

Rich Piana’s typical breakfast:

  • 12 egg whites
  • 2 cups of oatmeal

In the rest of the day, Rich Piana pretty much eats everything he wants without having to mind too much about the calorie intake (still has to get high amounts of protein) but the difference between him and other guys is that he trains like the guys from the old gym age for about 3-4 hours, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Our nowadays typical gym rat just trains for 45 minutes at the gym. There’s no such thing as overtraining if you’re eating plenty of food!

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