Shocking or not, Dorian Yates took steroids for 12 years! What do you think of his side effects


taking steroids for 12 yearsEverybody knows that professional bodybuilders take steroids, especially those who compete at the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest, but they never quite admit it; Today, not only that you’ll see Dorian Yates admitting the fact that he used steroids, but you’ll also hear for yourself what side effects he experienced after going on them for 12 years!

What were the positive and negative effects of steroid usage for Dorian Yates?

He used growth hormone to increase muscle mass and minimize body fat but when combined with steroids, Dorian got the maximum potential out of this kind of medication, thus big muscles on a leaner physique and brute force.

Dorian Yates used steroids since he was competing in amateur bodybuilding contests and the only side effects which he felt, were:

  • water retention like you also get from creatine supplements
  • acne
  • higher aggression levels which he focused on his workouts to be more determined

Dorian Yates is not suggesting that you should use steroids because they can be quite dangerous if you don’t do some blood tests before; He’s just saying that if you do your steroid cycles like you should and if you avoid abusing when it comes to the dosage, then you won’t have major health problems because of them.

When people ask Dorian Yates if they should go on steroids, he says:

If you’re thinking about it, look at all the facts and get as much information as you can, don’t rely on gym rumours. I was very lucky to also have a doctor who supervised my blood tests throughout the years and there weren’t any results that would’ve brought up concerns regarding my bodybuilding career.

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