The secrets behind Kali’s freakish bodybuilder body! How did he get to look like that


how kali got to look like thatKali is one hell of a ghetto bodybuilder and he’s that kind of huge bodybuilder who can also do calisthenics but aren’t you curious about the secrets that are hidden behind that ultimate physique of his? Check it out:

In his youth, Kali was that kid who was constantly being beaten by his parents but despite of that, he focused on his talents like football and wrestling, eventually becoming senior class president.

After a rough year with his older brother dying, he eventually went into trouble when he really needed some money and decided to make some in the bad way; That’s when he ended up, for the first time, in jail!

the story behind kali's muscle building techniques

It seems that Kali started putting serious muscle mass in prison! When he got to San Quentin, all the food and schedule was perfect for an anabolic state of muscle gaining. Some of you will criticize the fact that prisoners have access to a prison gym in order to get big but that is really kind of a side effect, a prison gym is mainly for blowing off steam and finding your inner peace.

After Kali heard the news that the prison gym will be removed from the compounds, he was constantly stressed out and that’s how he got the idea to improvise the thug workout; Every kind of exercise that would focus all of the body parts, but done with different techniques and help from other inmates, is basically known as calisthenics.

Kali improvised workouts with exercises like:

  • squats with an inmate on his shoulders
  • triceps push ups , the same with someone on his back
  • overhead tricep extension with a belt and the weight of a workout partner and etc.

Kali even started a foundation, Xcon to Icon; It helps kids from juvenile halls and other types of  punishment schools etc. to think of another type of road in their future and stop using that negative energy because it will get them nowhere!


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