This is how Planet Fitness discriminates intelligent bodybuilders with their gym commercials! Click and read


gym membership problems with bodybuildersFirst of all, let me start by saying that Planet Fitness isn’t a gym dude! Yeah, you can train for 10 bucks but they have stupid gym rules that inhibit your hardcore workout, thus your muscle gaining process!

How the f$%ck can you gain muscle mass when you’re not allowed to grunt and drop the heaviest weights down on the floor, after doing those last two reps which make a difference between having a bodybuilder body with big muscles and being just a “fit” person? Planet Fitness isn’t even for those who enjoy crossfit!

What’s with the Lunk Alarm? I understand that some people are just focused on the way they look more than the way they think but Planet Fitness just knows how to discriminate anything! Those who think that all bodybuilders are meatheads, are terribly wrong, did you know for instance that the mighty Jay Cutler, a Mr. Olympia winner for several times, got a degree in criminal justice?

And let me say that whoever came up with Planet Fitness’s motto is a hypocrite: “Not a bodybuilder’s planet, yours!”; That’s pure discrimination because they preach the fact that everybody is welcomed and blah blah but it seems that their advertising strategy focuses on the weak link of gym people, those who are introverted!

In these gym ads from Planet Fitness you’ll see how they use a bodybuilding cliche, the fact that serious weightlifters only know how to grunt and growl and nothing more; Seriously?

Planet Fitness isn’t a respectable gym! They’re superficial and if you think it through, usually, those big muscleheads are the ones who are sociable and give good gym advices, rather than those skinny guys who hog up all the machines and dumbbells which they don’t even use!

Respect and decency is taught, and it doesn’t have to do with Planet Fitness’s stereotype! It’s not like bodybuilders are born that way!

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