5 different and hot female physiques! Would you choose the fitness gals or the bodybuilder ones?


Some guys from the bodybuilding world or simple dudes who are more than bodybuilding enthusiasts, have different preferences when it comes to the perfect female physique;

Some of them like female fitness models and others like those hardcore raw female bodybuilders and my question for you guys is, what do you find more attractive in a woman’s physique?

Big bulging muscles or a toned body with sculpted muscles and perfect six pack abs?

So that’s why you’ll get to see 5 rather different girls that are into fitness and bodybuilding; Check them out and choose one!

Elena Oana Hreapca has perfect abs but she’s quite the “brute”. Check out those 8 pack abs! Incredible

different fitness zone physiques

The second gal is a female fitness model with roundish shapes and beautiful smile; Her name is Yarishna Nicole Ayala!

preferences in fitness models

Another sexy looking female bodybuilder body you can see when Paloma Parra starts to pose in a hot pink lingerie

vote for the sexiest fitness freak

For me, Mavi Gioia is the sexiest fitness gal today! Thumbs up for those massive legs with cute glutes; She knows how to balance her workout and diet in order to look fresh

choose your favorite gym girl

And last but not the least, what do you think of Vanessa Serros, another gym girl that knows her way around food. She’s ripped as fuarkkk!

fitness girls show off

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2 Responses to “5 different and hot female physiques! Would you choose the fitness gals or the bodybuilder ones?”

  • laurentien says:

    I like those fitness and active girls but having very muscular arms with boulder biceps. But they still need to have a cute butt.

  • DjTaz says:

    Female Bodybuilders, Physique, then Fitness, in that order.
    Fabiola Boulanger and Annie Freitas(bodybuilders), Dana Lynn Bailey(Physique), and Juliana Malacarne (Fitness)

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