A few tips about using creatine for maximum muscle results


how to get big musclesWhat’s creatine? What does it do and how does it work for those who want to build big muslces? The first thing you should need to know about creatine is that it works! Creatine is a really good supplement and it improves your muscle performance.

It is better known as a cell volumizer; It means that it takes water from under your skin or other body areas and it forces that water into the muscle cells and those muscle cells enlarge themselves, thus carrying extra water weight.

That’s how your brain gets fooled into growing your muscles in an anabolic way and ATP or adenosine triphosphate energy is also created. The thing which you need to know about ATP is that it controls the muscular contractions and cellular mechanics so you need this kind of energy!

When should you take creatine? Before or after a workout?

For most people, 3-4 grams of creatine are enough to ensure a perfect balance in the body, so in 3 weeks or so you’ll be super pumped. There are no immediate effects when taking creatine, especially when it’s already at its highest levels in your system!

What should you mix the creatine with?

A lot of guys combine a high sugar drink with creatine to spike the insulin levels but the body doesn’t need that thing. It will only add more carbs to your diet plan and you’ll get fat so say bye bye to that lean muscle mass.

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