Build strength and stamina in no time while using this hardcore marines commando circuit workout


build strength stamina and muscles

A lot of people want big muscles and don’t even care about the workout and diet, the constant struggle with having your meals on time and those gym sessions which break the muscle fiber in order to make it grow bigger!

Some people even turn to using synthol or plastic surgery to get big calf implants, chest implants, liposuction and other procedures which show the level of shallowness on this planet.

The thing is that people forget about the main reason you start going to the gym: To get strong, fit, and increase your stamina! That’s why today, I’ll show you a short example of one of the toughest marines commando circuit workouts that improves your physique like no other! You gotta’ build strength and endurance besides those muscles too!

This is how to get strong and ripped in no time! Try and do this mostly upper body marines commando circuit training once at every 2 days and even go higher with the intensity each time you go at it!

Can you go beyond your limits and act like a real marine? Let’s see how this marines commando circuit workout looks like:

  • 2 quick rope climbing as a starting warm up
  • 50 meters fireman carry
  • kind of a heavy squated clean and jerk -5 reps
  • 50 meters tire flip
  • chain weighted dips as many as you can
  • pull ups 10 reps
  • push ups 10 reps
  • sled pull 50 meters

Our man over there did this hardcore marines commando circuit workout in 2:29! Remember, it’s a circuit and in the marines, you gotta’ move fast; ┬áCan you do it faster?

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