How to correctly perform reverse dumbbell curls on the Scott bench


correct way to do reverse dumbbell curlsIf your muscle gains are visible enough and you can consider yourself as an advanced weightlifter, that’s when you can try different exercises which can radically change your whole look; It all starts with small details which you didn’t focus on until now like the forearms and that small part of the biceps which connects with them.

So, for even bigger muscles, you have to try different exercises like the one which I’ll explain today, the reverse dummbbell curl on the Scott bench.

The basic steps which you need to follow to perform the reverse dumbbell curls on the Scott bench:

  • set up a Scott bench in the way in which your armpits go directly on the upper part of the stand
  • hold a dumbbell in a hand and extend your arm in a straight line on the bench
  • rotate your wrist until the palm is oriented towards the floor

When doing reverse dumbbell curls on the Scott bench, you should squeeze the whole arm when you’re at the top of the contraction, for each rep, in order to target the biceps muscle too!

Guide on how to do reverse dumbbell curls on the Scott bench:

  • try to bring that dumbbell as high as you can but without letting the elbow slip away from the bench
  • it’s essential to focus on the negative part of the exercise when lowering the weight; Keep it nice and slow
  • when a rep is almost finished, don’t completely straighten the elbow, you need to keep the muscles in tension

This bodybuilding exercise which promotes muscle growth for the forearms and biceps, will always put a strain on the wrists and grip so you will have problems with other exercises from that day’s workout if you’re not doing this as your last one. Be smart, think it through!

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