Invest more time in training big bicep muscles! Top tips for those who want to get big


training tips for bigger bicep musclesEveryone wants to get big arm muscles but it’s hard to get them to look as you want if you don’t follow some golden rules; That’s why I’m here! Here are some bicep building tips that’ll improve your bicep muscle gains!

We both know that you’re not the only one who wants to get big biceps, the thing is that you can be the one who manages to realise his dream with some proper gym motivation and without further ado, here are some small training secrets which you should use in your biceps workout:

  • Divide your arm training day into two separate days – usually, those triceps tend to hog all of the training energy which you have for that day. If you follow this advice, you can focus more on those needy biceps and get them big!
  • Keep a rather strict form when training biceps – being a small muscle group that can be easily assisted by the shoulders and back muscles, the bicep needs to be trained with correct form; Try doing some lighter sets to improve the pump.
  • Squeeze the biceps at the top of the movement and force it while doing negatives – this is how you force pump your biceps muscle; Even if it’s painful and uncomfortable, that’s the meaning of “go hard or go home”.
  • Use cable exercises at the end of the biceps workout – using free weights puts emphasis on building muscle mass while using cable exercises can improve the overall appearance, you’ll get that carved look!


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