Mike Rashid and Chris Jones showing a simple but effective shoulder workout


growing strong shouldersIf you want to get big shoulder muscles and if working out, like the way you did until now, didn’t pay off, then you need to do something new, something different that will spike those shoulders into growing big and strong !!

Here’s one simple, basic and hardcore shoulder workout that works great for Mike Rashid and Chris Jones:

They also try doing sets at each exercise for 30 reps but the thing is that they try it with a normal weight, not one that’s too light!

Mike Rashid doesn’t focus on a lot of his body parts because they grow from other exercises; He focuses on very heavy weights and high reps on basic workouts. His weightlifting motto:

You don’t have to spend a hour and a half training, you just want to keep the intensity at high levels, you can have a 30 minutes session that’s more valuable than an one hour training session! If you do the basics right, that’s all you need.

So here’s the effective shoulder workout with its basic roots:

  • standing shoulder press -7 to 8 sets with heavy dumbbells (combination of working sets and drop sets)
  • barbell upright rows -10 sets of those
  • dumbbell lateral raise -3 sets with 30 reps each
  • smith machine barbell shrugs – 4 sets with a rep count as high as you can


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