Broke bro? Here’s how to eat cheap and still gain muscle mass (for bodybuilders)


cheap food for bodybuildersNot all of the beginner weightlifters out there have money to get big muscles by eating perfect amounts of protein and carbs and these days, food is really expensive, especially if you’re into bodybuilding bro!

There are moments when, even if you have a constant salary, the problems which appear, need your money more than those supplements, beef and other types of meat that are starting to get higher and higher prices.

You sometimes end up being broke from buying food for bodybuilding, yes, your passion!

These are some great inexpensive meals which you can use when you want to pay less for food; Eating cheap isn’t shameful! Not eating and pretending to be a serious bodybuilder is, so keep in mind that diet plan if you want to grow in strength and size!


  • Canned Chicken – when you don’t have too much money, you can eat this tuna smelling chicken which has a lot of protein
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly – peanut butter on bread, on a banana, it’s good everywhere! And it’s a cheap food! Oils and a lot of protein in one jar!
  • Tuna Mac & Cheese – in my opinion, this is one of the most nutritious and cheapest meal for bodybuilding; Tuna & Macaroni & Cheese = healthy oils, carbs and proteins
  • Ground meat and Spaghetti – see?? You can get a lot of cheap bodybuilding food!
  • Powdered Milk – this is a cheap substitute for whey protein

You can also try buying in bulk.. you’ll save money on food and still get everything you need to grow muscles, you broke bodybuilder you! Try buying: a few pounds of frozen chicken breasts, milk, almonds, bananas, oats, tilapia (fish meat!); There is a lot of diversity!

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