Guy is trying to demonstrate that overtraining exists!


There is a lot of debate on one training myth that can or won’t affect your workout progress; It’s about overtraining! Yeah, what do you think, does overtraining really exist or not? I personally think that overtraining isn’t a real thing (it’s all about the amount and quality of the food that you eat) but this guy really seems to know how to prove a point.




He clearly demonstrates his statement that overtraining exists by using simple examples from day to day gym experience:

Mike Mentzer was into heavy duty training and he once said that one set is all you need! One set with the right intensity taken to failure is enough to stimulate muscle growth and then you got to get out of the gym ! You have to allow your body to rebuild and get even more bigger

This guy’s first way to make us believe that overtraining exists is by using the sun tanning principle; If you go out in the sun and want to get tanned, there’s a minimum effective dose of sun exposure that is enough to change the color for optimal effects but every second which you spend after that, transforms in an undesirable result, you get burned!

He also uses examples for the visual learners, like comparing a piece of steak when it’s raw to when it’s perfectly cooked or burned. Another overtraining example would be when you use pills, one or two can do the job but if you take a whole bunch of them, then you have a problem!

The basic principle which he wants us to understand is that we have to hit the muscle groups really fast and intense! That’s how you get the best muscle results and also big muscles!

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