Here’s what a male fitness model does to get featured on famous magazine covers!



Everyone wants to be a male fitness model but do you know what they go through to get their photo on famous magazine covers? Here’s what Ryan Terry does in order to maintain those big muscles, perfect condition and lean but healthy looking body!

As we all know, getting lean muscle mass isn’t that easy but if you also want to get a god like physique, a body like Ryan Terry’s, you’ll have to train for years and then, after you learn how your body reacts to different workouts, you’ll get to sculpt whenever you want, that male fitness model physique which is worthy of being featured on magazine covers which pay a lot of $$$ !

First of all, it’s all about nutrition as I’m always stating! A workout can’t be effective without a diet plan!

You have to eat clean, you have to watch what you eat, you have to basically break those meals down into smaller portions in order to feed the body with what it needs!


What can be more thrilling than the feeling of having the best looking body for which you also get paid?!

But the thing that fools us normal guys is that male fitness models, just like Ryan Terry, know about photo shoots with weeks before the actual session and that’s when they start training and eating to cut down the body fat and reveal their imposing muscles (so they’re not year round in that good looking shape)

Can you have the patience and dedication necessary to gain that male fitness model physique?

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