More than 7 things you should stop doing at the gym as a girl!


a girl's behaviour at the gymAll those gym girls which you constantly see at the gym, aren’t even in the same page with weightlifting when it comes to training knowledge and some of them, eventually destroy their bodies and health with useless overtraining, bad eating habits and other things which you shouldn’t do at the gym!

Are you ready for an amusing and interesting video from the Muscle Prodigy, which shows the things that girls are doing wrong at the gym?

  • First of all, don’t wear make up at the gym! Ditch the make up while training at the gym because make up plus bacteria from sweating equals ACNE!
  • Waitt!!! The carb quota for you girls is somewhat ok but you can eat a lot of carbs for FAT LOSS and LEAN MUSCLE GAINING, if they’re the good ones like brown rice or oatmeal, NOT CHIPS!
  • Don’t train the same muscle groups over and over again! Keep 48 hour break between going at your legs or arms again!
  • Lifting weights besides doing cardio will not make you huge like those female bodybuilders!Doing weights is going to get you a tight body with nice glutes, abs and legs! Those jacked women which you see in some of the bodybuilding magazines, are on steroids!
  • Don’t overdo it with cardio! If you’re the kind of girl who sits all day long on the treadmill, please stop that overtraining habit! When you’re into weightlifting too, your muscles will grow and that’s how you will burn more fat! If you’re constantly doing cardio and thus, overtraining, your muscles will “shrink” even more and your metabolism will get slower ( and that’s the perfect way to gain unwanted weight)

For even more examples of things which girls shouldn’t do at the gym, click play on the above youtube video.

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