Should I shave my body hair if I’m a weightlifter?


benefits of shaving body hair in bodybuilding

  Hi there folks, it’s me again with another debated topic from the weightlifter’s zone; The “should I shave my body hair” question is on everybody’s mind even if they go to the gym or not, but we are only focusing on those who are into bodybuilding!

Some of the guys think that shaving your body hair is gay or something like that and I’m not here to judge but, are you guys insecure? When it comes to shaving your body hair, there are some factors which you have to think about:

  • Will I have benefits after shaving my body hair?
  • What would my girlfriend think about it? (this is the case for a serious gf with whom you have future plans)

Let’s start answering the most debated question in bodybuilding (of course after the steroid question):

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with shaving your body hair and you’ve got some serious benefits after doing it; If you have that bear look, you’ll probably scare some people when wearing a tank top, even if you have big muscles.

That hair which hangs all over the place is also disgusting, especially if you’re sweating! The odor is unbearable if you keep that big bush of a body hair.

Now, if you’ve already decided to shave your body hair and don’t know how to do it, go no further, here’s a tutorial on how to shave your body hair and the best solutions to keep a hairless body

Some of the guys are certain that all girls love body hair and that’s not true.. Being manly isn’t all about having a lot of body hair! In fact, fitness girls, bikini obsessed ones, love a well shaved guy!

Some other benefits for shaving your body is that you can track your bodybuilding progress. Swimmers have stopwatches, runners have stopwatches and you? How can you see your progress? With the help of a mirror and a razor or other hair removal tool! You can’t see too many details under 3 inches of body hair.

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