Simplest explanation on why do prisoners get such big muscles! Here’s the secret


how do inmates get bigA lot of you weightlifters think that inmates get swole with only steroids but the simple truth is that, in prison, you only have.. TIME! As Kali Muscle says, when you’re in prison, what else can you do except for lifting weights?

And time is not the key factor which produces that bodybuilder body on every dedicated mofo from prison; No no, the thing is that they put a lot of emphasis on reps! Don’t believe those myths that the testosterone levels are higher while in prison.

Kali Muscle proves a point by explaining the muscle gaining process for prisoners:

We do more reps in jail and we have more drive than the typical free guy! The normal gym guy does 4 exercises with 4 sets on each exercise and 10 reps per set; This means that the normal weightlifter does about 160 reps per day while prisoners are doing over 500 reps a day!

The math is simple, if you lift more and heavier, then you get a bigger bodybuilder body!

As you can see, they’re using a half rep technique when training chest. That’s for gaining strength and muscle mass without having to use steroids!

A prisoner’s goal is all about keeping tension in the muscles in order to get big as hell! (but still, my opinion is that the guy with grey tank top isn’t working out.. )

Will you try this kind of inmate training technique?

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One Response to “Simplest explanation on why do prisoners get such big muscles! Here’s the secret”

  • Mike Asara says:

    Everybody is saying Kali is juiced up, who knows.

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