Grow lean muscles with these top 4 meat free high protein sources


Growing muscles with meat isn’t an option anymore!

There might be bodybuilders who are afraid of getting colon cancer from eating too much meat and then you have the vegetarian bodybuilders who don’t eat meat!

The most important question which results from these facts is: “how do I get big muscles without eating meat?”

So, most of them, get very good answers that can satisfy anyone’s needs for a proper muscle building diet without meat. Here are the top 4 meat free high protein sources that you should try:

  1. hemp seedsthey contain the highest protein count when compared to other seeds; You get almost 12 grams of protein / 28 grams of hemp seeds so that’s a pretty balanced protein source. In your bodybuilding diet, you can add the hemp seeds in yogurt, oatmeal, salads and other similar food styles.
  2.  almondsbro, almonds must really be in a bodybuilder’s diet ’cause they have 6 grams of protein / 28 grams of almonds; The great part is that they’re filled with monounsaturated fats which improve blood cholesterol and even insulin levels along with the high content in vitamin E which heals the tired muscles after workouts.
  3. dried lentil – the first two high protein sources are pretty used in the bodybuilding diets of most competitive bodybuilders but lentil is a forgotten high protein / vitamin / mineral tiny vegetable which which offers 18 grams of proteins / 1 cup of it. Please remember that cooked lentil can stay fresh in the fridge for about 5 days.
  4. canned chickpeas – if you really need muscle mass then this is one of the best protein sources that doesn’t come from meat. From a cup of canned chickpeas you get 11 grams of protein and man oh man the fibers which burn fat!



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