Interesting fact that’ll make you eat more white rice than brown rice!



Every big bodybuilder will say that if you want to have a good diet plan, then you should eat a whole bunch of brown rice because it’s perfect for a bodybuilder diet, but is it? What about white rice? Why do gym people avoid it?

Brown rice is a slow digesting carb and a bodybuilder’s best meal choice while white rice can be harmful if you want lean muscle mass because of the fast¬†assimilation and sudden insulin release inside¬†the body.

The thing is that you should eat brown rice when you’re into whole foods and when you want to slow the insulin flow inside of your body! White rice is perfect before and after your workouts if you want even more bigger muscles because it helps more with muscle recovery and reconstruction!

What’s best for you? White rice or brown rice? Look at the nutritional facts per cup and make a choice that’ll improve your muscle results:

  • brown rice – calories 111, carbs 23g, sugars 0, fibers 2g, proteins 5g
  • white rice – calories 97, carbs 21g, sugars 0, fibers 1g, proteins 2g


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