One simple but precious tip per muscle group is all you need for great workouts!


Yes, sometimes building big muscles comes to a halt even if you stick to your regular workout and diet but the thing is that maybe you aren’t paying the same attention to details like the way you’re lifting weights or keeping that correct form when doing exercises; That’s why you should use these simple but effective workout tips per muscle group!



When it comes to training the shoulder muscles you must know that a well developed shoulder can be seen from far far away even if you’re dressed or just flexing and posing while being half naked; A pretty darn good training tip for training shoulders is to not block the arms when doing shoulder presses! You must leave the elbow in a slightly bended position.

If you keep a straightened elbow, then pretty much of the pressure of the weight transfers itself onto the triceps.

A nice workout trick for big traps is to try and imagine how your shoulders reach the ear lobes.

When it comes to arm training tips, you must know that when you’re training biceps, you have to imagine and focus on all that muscle contraction in the way in which you feel like your bicep muscles look like mountain peaks! 😀 (believe me, it’s a psychological fact which helped Arnold Schwarzenegger).

When training the triceps muscle, you have to choose weights that allow you to keep a strict triceps involvement and not other muscle groups. Use exercises which train all three of the tricep heads.

Your abs training secret isn’t in the form of a tip, you only have to know that if you constantly train them, then you’ll have a better digestion and you’ll avoid an eventual disc hernia.

Here’s a simple but precious back workout tip: Try to focus only on your back muscles, avoid letting your biceps and shoulders to kick in! The same principle with mental workout applies here.. just focus your mind on them.

Best leg training tip for those with small calves like Arnold once had: Stop training calves at the end of the workout and start your leg workout with calves because you’re well rested and you can focus more on them.

And when it comes to a good chest training tip, when doing dumbbell flies, try and keep the elbows as much as possible in the back and inline with your shoulders!

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