Stop doing these chest training mistakes for better muscle results!


worst-chest-training-mistakes-in-the-gymIt seems that both the gym beginners and those advanced weightlifters do a whole bunch of chest workout mistakes that somewhat block the muscle gaining process. Listen to me carefully cause this is why your chest isn’t growing as you would like to!

Yes, you might think that those advanced gym guys know what they’re doing but sometimes, because of the fact that they want to experiment, they try to “invent” new ways to perform the basic chest exercises, new ways that are bad and can also lead to injuries and it’s better to do a chest workout with light weights rather than look at people training!

So here are the worst workout mistakes when training the chest muscles:

  • Stop lifting your ass from the bench when doing bench presses! – I’ve seen this countless times and it’s not even a flat bench press, you’re doing declined presses when you’re lifting your ass! Keep those hips on the bench bro!
  • Why do you keep on pushing when doing flies? – Dude, flies are done with small weights in order to isolate the chest muscles and build up definition, that’s why you have to keep your elbows slightly bended and keep a correct form!
  • Keeping a high comfort grip with the thumbs away from the bar can be risky! – This is an accident waiting to happen even if you’ve mastered a perfect grip; In a matter of seconds you can go from pec king to broken ribs!
  • Always rotate the chest exercises for better workout results – No one in this world can go through a hardcore workout with his energy levels high like at the first set! That’s why you should start with decline bench presses or inclined ones occasionally, that’s if you want a perfect developed chest like Arnold Schwarzenegger had!


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