What does Jay Bednar eat to get those muscles?


jay-bednar-diet-plan-for-lean-muscle-massJay Bednar is “just” a NPC super heavyweight champion with big muscles for those who don’t know him. This big bodybuilder obtained some good rankings in various bodybuilding competitions like the 2012 IFBB North American Championships, 2012 NPC Europe Supershow Championships and etc.;

A lot of guys are out there, trying to get that bodybuilder body with a perfect body fat and carved like muscles, but you know what? You have to be somewhat special to obtain some street cred in bodybuilding, yeah that bodybuilding world and Jay Bednar is trying to gather a little bit of that from every bodybuilding competition, maybe someone will notice him !

Are you curious to know what’s Jay Bednar’s diet plan to look like that? Here are the most important foods from his fridge:


  • natural peanut butter – Jay Bednar eats it all up whether it’s simple or with raw vegetables for more fibers
  • extra virgin olive oil – this kind of oil is Jay’s favorite because it has a high level of omega 3 fatty acid
  • grits and beef – are the main foods for growing lean muscle mass just like Jay’s. He eats this meal combination before his training sessions for maximum strength and protein intake.
  • white rice – Jay Bednar’s main carb source; He eats carbs only before and after his workout.
  • walnuts and almonds – the best fats can be found here!
  • oatmeal – another carb source for Jay Bednar’s diet plan
  • apple cider vinegar – with type of vinegar you can reduce the insulin release
  • coconut oil – Jay Bednar cooks only with this oil because this is the best option when it comes to fats and it also has lauric acid which has an antimicrobial role
  • pickles – Jay Bednar just loves his pickles and he eats them especially right before a bodybuilding contest even if they are filled with sodium.
  • bananas and apples – because of the sugar that’s inside these fruits, Jay Bednar only eats them before a workout session.



Here’s Jay Bednar talking about bodybuilding:


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