All about Generation Iron – A Pumping Iron copycat which focuses on the constant struggle of the nowadays bodybuilders


bodybuilding-must-watch-movieLet’s talk about the new bodybuilding movie called Generation Iron. This movie is trying to be a Pumping Iron copycat where the focus sits on the backstages of the bodybuilding world, the unseen things from bodybuilding and the real struggle of each competitive bodybuilder in order to win the greatest prize of all.. the title of Mr. Olympia!

This bodybuilding competition is like the Holy Grail of bodybuilding and if you win it, it automatically brings you, besides the $1.000.000 prize, sponsors which are usually represented by huge supplement companies that will pay you tons of cash just to be the image of the company.

Generation Iron isn’t all about training as you’ve imagined, but it is about how a nowadays bodybuilder lives, eats and trains, about the hard work which is needed in order to just qualify for the Mr. Olympia competition.

The level of dedication for this sport is so high, that having fun by only staying up late on the internet is one of the biggest mistakes that could ruin your overall muscle gaining process according to Roelly Winklaar’s trainer, Sibil Peeters better known as “Grandma”.


All about Generation Iron, the Pumping Iron "remake"

All about Generation Iron, the Pumping Iron “remake”

Anyway, as I’ve stated, bodybuilding is a hard sport which demands besides dedication and passion, a lot of money! You see, in order to get big muscles you need:

  • a gym membership (it’s quite cheap)
  • food and I mean a whole fridge of food at your constant disposal
  • even clothes bro, being huge makes it hard to find clothes that fit you
  • steroids, yes you got me right, in Generation Iron, every bodybuilder that appears in the movie from Jay Cutler to Phil Heath and Arnold Schwarzenegger, admits (even if they somewhat mumble) that using steroids is a must in today’s bodybuilding world
  • and sleep; It’s kind of hard to get the necessary amount of sleep for a bodybuilder if you have to get 2 jobs to pay for all the other things

And this is how we get to another idea, a thing which I don’t agree with; There are two types of bodybuilders out there: Rich Bodybuilders and Poor Bodybuilders!

While Phil Heath already had a family with money that could support his bodybuilding career when he was young, Kai Greene had nothing! Kai Greene hasn’t got a family, an expensive car or whatever; He was raised in foster care and it’s extremely hard to keep up with the bills which constantly pile up when you need to gain pure muscle mass and win contests in order to get sponsors, thus money!

Here’s an example of Jay Cutler’s easy and stress free life and Kai Greene’s struggle to become someone big:

So, Jay Cutler just makes money, lives in his huge house with his very own pool, drives around in his Range Rover or in another expensive car which he owns, he has his own bodybuilding clothing brand and much more.

In the next video, you’ll see that Kai Greene lives in an one bedroom apartment which was so small that it almost made it impossible for the filming crew to shoot the scenes with him. In the Generation Iron movie, you’ll even see Kai Greene just eating his meal in a bus station ¬†while waiting for the bus to come . Guess for who is harder to train, get big and maintain a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle?

I really do hope that you’ve enjoyed this article and go grab a copy of Generation Iron! It’s worth seeing if you’re into bodybuilding!

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