Getting Swole at Home – The Must Have Equipment for a Home Gym


7133869667_9cc143b7ca_zWe all have our excuses when it comes to not going to the gym – the membership is too expensive, it’s too far, I don’t want to lug my gym bag to work and many, MANY more.

The solution to avoiding these excuses is to create a workout space at home. Not only will you no longer have to carry your stinky workout gear around with you, but the convenience, privacy and not needing to wait for that one person who always seems to be on your machine is so worth it. Even better, depending on your budget, it can be done in a relatively small space for a lot less money than you’d think. Here are the top five in home gym equipment to get you started.


Essential in strength training, dumbbells can be used in a variety of ways. Getting a set in a range of weights will help you tailor your exercise to different muscles. They can also be used to intensify your cardio. Make sure to choose dumbbells with a rubber coating. They are easier to grip and will last longer.

Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls are not only great for conditioning work, but are excellent for working the core. Whether carrying it, throwing it, slamming it, or even just punching it there are so many ways to work your body with a medicine ball. Get a softer one if you intend to go a lot of tossing and catching. There’s more give and you won’t break the windows from your indoor at home gym.

Pull-Up Bar

Almost any doorway or archway will work for a pull-up bar. Easy to install and easy to use, turn on some Eye of the Tiger and get to it. Using your own body weight, it works a huge number of muscles. Even if you can only do one chin-up, keep at it and you will do more. Keeping a picture of Stallone on the wall might help too. If that doesn’t work, other than chin-ups, there are a variety of exercises you can do. Hanging is a great way to stretch those worked muscles.

Exercise Mat

Often overlooked when building a home gym, the exercise mat is the foundation to your workout routine. Not only is it crucial when doing any type of floor work (saving your knees), it also helps to provide stability and balance when working with weights. The all-important stretching portion of your daily workout should always be done on a mat.

Rowing Machine

If you have a bit more space (literally a bit, as this actually doesn’t need too much) and a bit more money to spend, invest in a good rowing machine. Rowing machines are very versatile, and are excellent for building both strength and stamina. It gets your heart rate up while being kind on your joints.

With these five pieces of gym equipment your home gym is set and ready to go. Come up with a program and start working out today! No more excuses!

Photo by donhall16

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